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MTM Logix - Democratizing Supply Chain and Logistics.

Providing visibility to Global Supply Chains is one step forward. Using that visibility to accelerate our customers’ logistics is where we can make a difference.

Andrea Velasquez

Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer


Our vision is that Supply Chain & Logistics must be transparent and self-regulated. We want to ensure it becomes transaction-based, powered by technology, and integrated with fantastic service level by our team.

Move Move Move


Democratize our Customer’s Supply Chain & Logistics, ensuring Our Team Can become an extended arm of our customers’ Supply Chain. Our Control Tower Solution will allow for Full Customization and help our Customers Reinvent their Supply Chain.

We Value

MTM is a people’s business powered by technology. Our talent is the key to success. We want our teams and our clients to grow with us!

We are agile, collaborative, respectful, and always looking at ways to improve our customers’ results.

We add value by being adaptable and finding the right solutions that work for our customers because we want the best experience possible for them.

Our Business Model

Our Control Tower Solution is at the core of what we do. It is fully customizable and allows our customers to bring their entire Supply Chain into one place.

It brings our customers’ business into a single point where they have visibility, integrated communication, and documentation. The data generated by their business allows for massive improvements in their Supply Chain.

This allows our customers to focus on their core business while their Supply Chain is taken care of.

Our Company

Reinventing Supply Chain. One Control Tower at a Time.

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