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If you could build your Supply Chain & Logistics Services from the ground up. What would you do?

That was how we started the MTM Logix. We know Global Supply Chain & Logistics are complex and complicated. The COVID-19 Pandemic accelerate the need for a customized Supply Chain. Each company is different, but talking to our customers they told us their transportation needs became commodities into the hands of the existing logistics companies.

We set out to create a service that allowed us to customize all the steps, provide the visibility and action needed for our customers’ Supply Chain to become an unfair advantage on their business.

When you break down the supply chain components and start structuring and automating each one, you will immediately see that a smarter and intelligence-driven supply chain will bring significant returns and fast.

That is what MTM Logix is about, creating an easier way for you to serve your business and your customers, using internal expertise and artificial intelligence to simplify your supply chain and deliver on your needs.

Visibility will increase, costs will naturally go down, and your customer satisfaction and your business will go up all in one go.

We are all looking forward to working with you and your company.

Mario Veraldo

Co-Founder, CEO
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Proven Industry Experience
Our team has decades of experience, and we decided to put that to use to make supply chain & logistics easy for our clients, using technology combined with our expertise.
Reinvention means you take the existing elements of what you do and make them smarter. That is our most important mission. Help you reinvent your supply chain.
Technology as an ally
Technology does not have to be your enemy. When applied well, it becomes your most important ally, helping find solutions, track, save time and in turn reduce costs.
Elastic Logistics
The era of just in time is over. You need to have a supply chain that meets your customer needs all the time. We bring all the necessary experts in all different areas to ensure you are able to do that.
Unfair Advantage.
Supply Chain is not a cost. It is an unfair advantage when done well. We want to tailor the supply chain to your exact needs, so you can focus on your business.

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Reinventing Supply Chain. One Control Tower at a Time.

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